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Robert Mooney and Associates - Consulting Division


Our Consulting Division works with all Dredging projects, Marine Construction projects, and Feasibility Studies. We do Permit and Construction drawings for docks, seawalls, Marinas, Developments, dredging projects. etc.

We do project evaluations for dredging projects for condominium associations, land developers, golf courses, marinas, private individuals, as well as local, state and federal government entities. Our company will evaluate your project for Feasibility, figure the job, do permit and/or construction drawings, write bid packets, help evaluate and choose contractors, and furnish project oversight.( any or all of the above) We have world wide experience, with completed contracts in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico, Belize, Nigeria, Columbia, Bahamas, and the U.S. Some of our Clients include Mobil Development: Dragas Lacota Ltd.,Venezuela; Port Authority ,Lagos Nigeria; Belize Oil & Mineral Co. Ltd.; Development Engineering inc; North Florida Diversified Inc. Local and County Governments. An expanded list of Clients will be furnished as requested and/or necessary.

We help clients choose equipment as needed ,to perform the projects efficiently and effectively. We will find qualified personnel to operate equipment and complete project, or will train clients personnel if requested. We will assist clients with the finding and hiring of suitable Contractors if, as is usually the case, Client needs an outside contractor.

We have an accumulative of over 100 years in dredging experience and equal experience in most phases of marine construction. We have Several Licensed Masters, Dredge Superintendents , and Licensed Civil and Marine Engineers on our Consulting Staff, either in-house or as contract consultants. Our experience with Hazardous dredge material, such as containing petroleum products, heavy metals, chemical run-off, etc. and the successful completion of several highly Environmentally sensitive projects give us the knowledge necessary in today’s highly regulated and restricted society, especially in the dredging and development of Coastal and Inland Water areas.

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