Robert Mooney and Associates - Qualifications

Robert Mooney and Associates - Qualifications


35 years experience world wide in Crew, Captain, Delivery, Personnel Trainer, Maritime Compliance, Marine Construction, Yacht and Ship Construction, Cargo and Freight, Marine Surveys. Design work on small dredges and work boats. Instructor in Navigation and Boat handling. Certified Diver- Underwater Hull Inspections. USCG Master,1000 GT. Oceans. Registered State of Florida. Licensed Marine Surveyor, City of Stuart & Martin County.

Education: Clark College, Vancouver Washington A.A.
                 University of Washington, Seattle B.S.
                 National Sea Training Institute/ International Institute of Marine Surveying
                 Diploma in Marine Surveying IIMS

Supplemental Education: ABS Group Workshops: Coating Systems; Ultrasonic Gauging; Nondestructive Testing for Marine Surveyors; ABS work guides for building and classing Reinforced Plastic Vessels.

ABYC Workshops and Certification Programs: Marine Corrosion; Warranty and Liabilities; Stern Drive Corrosion; ABYC Standards Course; Marine Accident/Collision IAMI

NAV/TECH Certifications Programs: Recreational and Small Commercial; Accident and Fraud Expert Witness Guidelines; Specialized Commercial Survey Guide.

USCG Fishing Vessel(CFR Title 46) Inspection Qualified.

Professional Associations

American Boat and Yacht Council
National Safe Boating Council
Western Dredging Association
National Fire Protection Association
Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, AMSŪ
Propeller Club USA
U.S. Surveyors Association
Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers
The Nautical Institute
Technical Information Exchange for Marine Professionals
Marine Technology Society.
International Institute of Marine Surveying
International Association of Marine Investigators

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