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Robert Mooney and Associates - Marine Surveys (Aphrodite By Sherrie Johnson)
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You need a Marine Surveyor if you are Buying, Insuring, Leasing, Financing, and/or Assesing Damage.

Types of Surveys

Condition and Value / Pre-purchase
    The most Complete Survey. If you are Buying a New or Used Vessel, This is the Survey most recommended . It will thoroughly check the overall condition of the Vessel, It's Equipment, Engines, Electronics, and other Appurtenances. This Survey will give a fair-market value, and a legal proof of condition at time of sale.

Insurance Survey
    Almost all Insurance Companies require a survey for initial issuance of insurance and usually every 4 to 6 years thereafter. This survey is primarily for acceptable Marine and Fire risk. It checks for safety and Conditions for the vessels intended use. It checks if the Vessel meets acceptable Standards and Requirements as set forth by ABYC, NFPA, USCG, ABS, and any /and all Regulatory Agencies specific to the individual Vessel as to safe operation.

    This survey asseses the extent of damage to a vessel, adresses the feasability of salvage and repair, and can provide information and estimated cost for repair of the vessel. A Probable Cause investigation can be included if desired.

Before/After Hire (On /off Charter)
    This survey determines the condition of the vessel at the time of hire, and at the end of hire, and protects both the Owner and the Leassee. It includes an inventory of equipment, machinery, parts, and other appurtenances, and a review of the vessel's papers. It documents the vessel's condition for use in a Lease or Hire Agreement. At the end of hire, any changes, damages, or losses in relation to the agreement are noted.


Towing Warranties
Trip in Tow

Load and Stow
Deck Loads; Containers; Timber


Survey Guidelines

ABYC Standards and Recommended Practices for Small Craft

National Fire Prevention Association Standards

USCG Hull Inspection Book; Marine Safety Manual for Certification

ABS Rules for Reinforced Plastic Vesssels

USCG 46 CFR Fishing Vessel Safety Examination Guideline And Requirements

BUC Books; N.A.D.A. Marine Appraisal Guide; ABOS Marine Blue Book; Boat Data Book ( Ian Nicolson)

USCG NVIC’s upgraded monthly

Continuing Marine Educational Courses and Seminars; ABYC; ABS; IIMS; National Sea Training Centre;

IIMS Standards and Recommendations

Lloyds Register (under 200 ft.)

Additional Services